The Whitsundays: The weekend I desperately needed!

The Whitsundays: The weekend I desperately needed!

After a whirlwind year of working 7-day weeks, it was finally time for some good old rest and relaxation. Thanks to Realtime Group, our social club this year was to Daydream Island and if you were ever going to travel to Daydream Island you might as well do it properly. By properly I don’t mean by traveling in a packed car sticking to strict speed limits and piling in on an air-conditioned ferry that feels like you are going at 10klm’s per hour. By properly, I mean if you’re lucky enough to know someone who owns a boat, then full speed ahead on your own terms!


Sipping wine and bottles of beer on board while sitting comfy on our beanbags, we were all loving life at this point. Perfect weather, calm waters, wind in our hair, we were soon arriving at our destination. Our tour guides greeted us with shell necklaces around our necks as we made our way to the reception desk. You would think on an island in scorching hot weather that they would have their air-conditioning blasting in the lobby. But no, for some reason we were standing in line casually heating up by the minute with sweat dripping down our faces while we waited to get checked in.  Soon enough we were all checked in and we made our way into our air-conditioned rooms overlooking the beautiful gardens Daydream had to offer.


We chilled by the pool bar ordering cocktails after cocktails, until we realised we were running late for our classy dinner reservation at Daydreams signature restaurant, Mermaids. They say their menu is as irresistible as the exotic sea sirens from which it takes its name and they couldn’t be any more right! My chicken was cooked to perfection and their cocktails were absolutely amazing! After dinner, my partner and I snuck off before everyone could tell us how soft we were for leaving early and we rested for a big day the next morning.

I arose from my sleep to the sound of my alarm and began getting ready for the day. Breakfast in our bellies, togs and towels were packed, sunscreen on our faces and flip-flops on our feet; we set off in our boats to Whitehaven Beach. Another gorgeous day on the water with the sun beaming on our faces. We arrived to one of the world’s best beaches with pure white sand and crystal clear water. I don’t use the term “must-see” very often because I know people’s opinions differ, but I will make an exception to this place. Whitehaven Beach is one of the most pristine, beautiful places I’ve ever seen and is definitely a must see designation if you were ever wanting to visit the Whitsundays.


Photo credit by Alison Mangan


Photo credit by Alison Mangan


Photo credit by Alison Mangan


Photo credit by Alison Mangan

As I leant over the boat to dip my feet into the crisp blue ocean and feel the sand between my toes, I realised how great I felt to be relaxed. This is a foreign concept to me as I am quite the workaholic. I’m used to working two jobs, 7 days a week, constantly doing something. It is rare for me to have a day off, so it took a little bit for me to adjust to relaxing. But it happened.








My thongs in my hand I started making my way to the white sand beach. Out comes the blue and white striped beach towel and I lay there eyes closed for a second with my thoughts entirely somewhere else while everyone laid sunbaking and sculling down the beers on the sand. We could of stayed for hours on that beach, however our bellies began to grumble as time ticked way past lunchtime.


As we began our way to Hamilton Island for lunch we stopped to trawl for fish. Now I’ve never been the type to enjoying fishing. I guess I don’t have the patience or the time for it. I don’t really understand the excitement about chucking a line in the water and waiting for a fish to bite. But boy was I wrong. The minute we chucked a line in the water sure enough there was a bite on the line and I watched my colleague Reuben jump off his seat to desperately pull the sucker in. We watched eagerly as he successfully reeled the Spanish mackerel onto the boat. Now that we had the prize possession we met up with the rest of the group to Hamilton Island for lunch.


We all stopped at Manta Ray Café for their gourmet Italian Pizza’s.  The service was fantastic from the moment we walked in. They shuffled a few tables around so that they could fit 14 people and our food came out pretty much instantly. The pizzas were packed with a lot of filling, perfectly portioned and amazingly tasty. I would go back there in a heartbeat!

As the day went on our sunburn became more visible and the moon slowly began to rise so we made our way back to Daydream Island for our last dinner of the trip. This time it was at Waterfalls Restaurant served with a buffet dinner. A few more cocktails were ordered while we gathered around the pool table to watch the girls flog the boys and afterwards  I relived my childhood and played a few games in the arcade centre.

It was time to wash the makeup off and hop into bed once more ready for the long trip home. My boss warned us all that the sea was going to be rough this time and if we wanted to we had the option to hop on the ferry for a short trip back to Airlie and then drive the rest of the way home. With previous knowledge of myself getting seasick I thought for a second whether or not I should take that option up. However I wanted to test my limits and continued to chuck my bags on boat and make myself comfy. How bad could it be right?

I gripped onto anything i could get my hands on over every wave and tried to keep my balance as the boat rocked violently in the wind. Taking deep breathes in and out while keeping my eyes glued to the horizon I kept telling myself over and over “You will not be sick Savannah, you will not be sick”. As we sailed further away from the island the sea got rougher and rougher. The high winds in my face eased the feeling a little bit but I couldn’t help but just wish for it to be over. Two long hours later, we finally reached land and to say the least that I never appreciated it more!

As much as the weekend was good, boy was it great to home!!



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