High End Makeup for Oily Skin

High End Makeup for Oily Skin


Makeup has been around for centuries however has anyone else noticed that the makeup world has become increasing popular over just the last couple of years? It seems it’s the latest phase to grab the latest trends, to become a makeup artist or to have the biggest makeup stash. I am definitely no pro with makeup but I learn new things every day. To be honest I haven’t tried a lot of high end products to give you many comparisons either. If only I had all the money in the world to do that but what I can do is give you a list of the products of what I think is well worth indulging yourself for. For all those beginners out there that want the high quality products that will actually hide those blemishes and control your oil balance, then I’ve done all the research and testing out for you! I know these products work well for me so I only hope they do for you.





In earlier days when I just started using makeup, I never really understood the importance of a primer. Using a primer can help keep your natural oils under control and help your makeup stay on longer. There are so many different options out there for all skin types so it’s important to understand which primers benefit your skin. I personally have quite large pores and very oily skin and have struggled to find a good primer that covers those troubled areas.  It wasn’t until one day I was watching one of my favourite YouTuber, Amy Macedo that I saw she suggested Smashbox Pore Minimising Primer. I was so impressed with this primer that I have not used any other priming product since! The consistency is almost like a thickish mousse that has a bit of a tint to it but transfers transparent on the skin. It sealed my pores enough to reduce the harshness of them and I noticed a massive difference with my oil control throughout the day, which in turn made my makeup last much longer! The only downside I would say about this primer is it’s a bit on the pricier side at $57 for a 30ml bottle. Although it has definitely been on my repurchase list as it’s the only primer I have found that has made an incredible difference!






For oily skin types, make sure to stick to a foundation that has a matte finish, as they will become your new best friend. Anything that adds shine to the skin is only going to make you look oilier. I’m sure everyone would have heard of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation by now. This product has been my holy grail for quite some time now. I’m in the shade 2C3 Fresco and is the perfect match for me when I don’t have a tan. There are so many shades in the range that it will be hard not to find your perfect match. The packaging is very simple yet elegant, which shows across in all of Estee Lauder products. The formula is incredible; it really ‘sticks’ to your face, whilst feeling lightweight on the skin. It’s a medium to full coverage foundation that can be easily buildable and applies best with a flat top foundation brush or a beauty blender. The staying power is amazing also; it’s the only foundation I have found that makes my makeup last all day. There is a down side to this foundation though which is that it can accentuate certain problem areas. If you have dry patches on your face, it can really cling to those spots and it also can cause your skin to breakout if this is your everyday foundation, due to the full coverage of the product. So please be aware that this may happen if you have problematic/dry skin. In saying that this is by far my favourite foundation to date and is a must have in my makeup collection!





I have just repurchased a new bottle of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade custard and it’s now one of my new favourites. It astounded me how good the coverage is! I apply this concealer under my eye area to cover the under-eye darkness that occurs. I also use this as a highlight in my T-Zone. It’s a really thick and creamy consistency and covers all of my pores and blemishes! I didn’t realise how good it was at covering those spots until I ran out of the concealer and had to go pick up an old pharmacy one to use (or as the makeup world like to call it; a drugstore). Despite being quite creamy and high in coverage, I found that it hardly creases and stays put very well throughout the day. You can understand why this product is as raved about as it is!




Face Powder

I have fallen in love with the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder! I was so sceptical of purchasing this product because of the high price tag but I finally dug right in and purchased it and never looked back! Finishing powders are one of my favourite makeup products to use; it really makes a huge difference to the way your makeup looks throughout the day. This setting powder is so fine that it mattifies your skin without it looking cakey at all. Normally with light or translucent setting powders they can leave a white-cast on your face, which isn’t pretty, but this one doesn’t. It leaves your skin looking flawless and pretty much photo shopped. It’s perfect for baking under the eye and lasts all day. The best part, I don’t get oily. Like at all! Is it worth the $62 price tag? My answer, its worth every penny!!!




Setting Spray

I have only just joined the setting spray family so I don’t have a lot to say about the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. All though if you wanted to pro-long your makeup and complete your look, then this product is for you! I loved the feel of the mist, it goes on wet when applied however once it dries there is no stickiness or any tight feeling which feels pretty much undetectable on the skin. What’s so great about this product is that it works for all skin types and makes your makeup last all day. It won’t make your makeup dewy or matte- just long lasting with a weightless spray. I would love to try the Urban Decay De-Slick Spray as I feel it would be a tad more mattifying and control my oils a bit more. So let me know if you’ve tried the Urban Decay De-Slick Spray and if it works better for oily skin types!



Leave me a comment if you would like to see my favourite cheaper alternatives!


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