Coffee & Chit Chat / “Me time”

Coffee & Chit Chat / “Me time”

“Grateful for small things, big things and everything in between”

Its 10am on a Saturday morning as i write this, the clothes washed and on the line, a coffee in one hand whiles the other is placed firmly on my keyboard. As much as I love my busy life, every girl needs her “me time”, and Saturday mornings for me are just that. It’s my time to mop all the floors, wash all the sheets, smash out a morning workout and finally be able to sit down and be creative with my blog. Except for the past few months, “being creative with my blog” became a Game of Thrones marathon and it was only until my emails reminded me to renew my website that I actually decided to sit down and finish all these drafts I had locked away on my desktop. So here’s to the “Coffee & Chit Chat” series; a blog post dedicated to the general details of my life lately.

I’ve realised by writing this post just how much it has helped me reflect on my life recently, the changes that’s happened, the lessons I’ve learnt and the goals that I have accomplished. I have been so caught up with life lately that it felt good to take a step back and enjoy it even if that meant taking a break from my computer (not so much from the TV, as GOT is seriously addictive!) Don’t get me wrong, there were times where I had all the motivation in the world to type up a 400-500 word blog post but there were also times that I thought I would much rather go out and enjoy a meal not cooked by my own two hands.

There are cute little notebooks left around my house everywhere. I am constantly writing lists, making new plans and ways to achieve my goals. And while I’m someone that constantly has a plan and goal in mind, I managed to tick a few major boxes off my list all within the last few months! So I would probably suggest boiling your kettle and making yourself a coffee before you settle in to read this ridiculously long blog post.

I’m now a one-job girl!

From an outside looking in, most would probably think that a few months ago I didn’t have life. After leaving school I went straight into a full-time position while still keeping my part-time job that I started at 13. Having to pay what seemed like 90% of my salary back to the taxman was a usual occurrence for me. I wouldn’t say I was a “workaholic” as such, but I was definitely the type of person to keep busy.

I left a steady paycheck and the security of a full-time job almost 2 years ago. I left with my future completely unclear, not knowing how to take a step forward, nor how to even get by. But I knew it was the right decision for me. I continued to keep working at my part-time job while applying elsewhere for a full-time position. Months went by and I received a call from my old manager about filling in at reception while Meg was away on holidays. And without any hesitation I said yes! I knew it wasn’t a guaranteed job but only one thought kept running through my head… ‘If I could impress them enough, would they keep me on?’

That thought then became reality.

I am a big believer in law of attraction and you will continue to see this throughout many of my blog posts. If you haven’t heard of Law of Attraction then simply put, it is the ability to visualise something your mind is focusing on as if it has already happened and eventually it will attract it into your life. If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve, then eventually you will find a way to achieve them.

Every day I repeated the same quote “I’m so happy that I have a full-time job”. In time what began a 2 day week became 3 days, then 4 days and as of a few months ago a FULL-TIME POSITION!

Whether we like it or not, money is the ruler of most things in our lives. It’s the reason I’m not going on my dream holiday to Greece, why I stayed so long in a job that doesn’t necessarily make me happy and it’s the reason why I kept my second job since I was 13. Pursuing the things I love doing, being able to spend time with the people I love most and being generally happy has always been my ultimate goal. So as soon as I got the news of a full-time position, I finally quit my second job and for the first time in a long time I was able to enjoy my weekends again!

I became a parent to a fur baby!

I have a little confession to make; I have never always been a massive dog lover. It’s not like I hated them, it was more that I simply preferred the independence and low-maintenance of cats better.

Though everything changed the day we met Cooper.

My phone buzzed the morning of 7th of May. It was a message from my dear friend Marie, begging to find a new home for a beautiful 9-year-old English staffy named Cooper. There were so many reasons to say no at the time, but there never really is the right time is there? So I agreed to look after him just for a couple of weeks until I could find the loving home he truly deserves. A few weeks later he came with a wagging tail that seemed like he could swat a fly with and exchanged a big grin on his face with a million slobbery kisses on my cheeks. And from that moment, those “couple of weeks” became forever.

Now I became someone that brought their dog to the party and refer to him as my baby. I became someone that shared a couch with their dog and have their dog hair rule the house. I find myself constantly thinking of him, taking a million pictures of him and making plans around him.

Worrying about him is also apart of the job description. Who would of thought that a frail 9 year old English staffy could be quite the escape artist? However that was nothing compared to the day I found out he was positive for heartworm. If I could take away all his pain, I would. He has a long 3 months ahead of him, but I know he will pull through.

He has changed my life for the better in the short 6 months I’ve had him. He may not say words the way we understand, but when he curls up beside us with his paw on my lap, I know I’m doing something right.

My fitness has finally made a come back

My fitness has been a very up and down journey for as long as I can remember. It always seemed like a chore and everything I tried, never really stuck. Bootcamps weren’t consistent, Zumba didn’t feel like a “workout” as such, I grew bored of the repetitiveness of the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and a personal trainer became a financial burden.

April 2017 marked the day I joined Femnasium Health and Fitness for Women. I have never felt so comfortable and more encouraged in a gym before. I started my first workout with a pump class and not even 15 minutes in, my legs felt like they could drop off. Safe to say I couldn’t walk for the next few days. Starting all over again was tough. It didn’t take long before that same tired, unmotivated Savannah came back to bite me in the bum and I was back sitting on the couch drowning my sorrows with ice-cream once more.

Has anyone received those texts from the gym, which practically say “Hey! As much as we love the fact you’re handing us money for no reason, pretty sure you should stop eating all that pizza and come back to the gym”? Okay, well not in so many words but fondly enough that text actually worked for me. I went back in the new financial year for one last desperate attempt and I have been hooked ever since. I now try to workout 4-5 days a week. Of course I have my off days just like anyone else but the fact I haven’t looked back since, says something.



I spent some time prioritising what’s important to me these past few months. My focus has been entirely on my full-time job, the people I love and most importantly my health and happiness. I started a year ago, not caring if anyone reads what I write but more of a way to express my creativity. I lost touch of it these past few months, but sitting here writing this post has made the smile on my face, all the more larger.








  1. Kimberli
    19/11/2017 / 4:44 pm

    God I love you and your writing cuz. So proud of you! Love you ❤️

    • 19/11/2017 / 4:48 pm

      Awww Thankyou so much!!! That means so much to me ❤️ Love you also xxx

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