Be The Light.

Be The Light.

I woke to a small light streaming through the gap between the curtain and the beautiful big French windows of my bedroom this morning. I just lay there, on the warmth of my pillow listening to only the sounds of the leaves rustling in the wind.

I’m not normally a big morning person, but today there was just something about that moment of morning silence before the world began to wake. It was like I forgot all my worries and everything and everyone just seemed at peace.

Some days we just have to take those small moments as they come. To stop and breathe for a second, to feel everything we feel in that moment. Whether it was a song that made you sing at the top of your lungs and you’re not caring that the person in the car next to you is laughing, or the sharp sting you feel while you’re getting that tattoo that you’ve wanted for ages, or the ache from a memory that you just cant seem to part with.

It’s the feeling of feeling alive. That we have the beauty of living another day, while unfortunately some people don’t get the chance to. So today I am thankful. Because as those golden rays interrupted my sleep this morning, it reminded me that even in the darkest of times, that light is always found.

Be The Light – Cory James Geisler


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