10 Steps To Get Your Mind Out Of A Negative Headspace

Photo Credit by Brittany Geisler

Everyone has all been there. The state of mind where one thing might not go the way you planned and then all of a sudden everything seems to go wrong. Or something may not have gone ‘wrong’ persae, but you may compare yourself to others or may have a bad dream about your partner breaking up with you and for some reason that’s sparks your brain to thinking it’s going to happen. Each of us in our own way experiences letting our negative, doubtful thoughts get us down.

We can’t eliminate the bad things that life gives us, but we can change the way it affect us. We are in charge of our attitude, our thoughts, our feelings, our actions. So here are 10 Steps that have helped me through my tough days.

1. Have a little faith

People always want to know why things happen but sadly there is just no simple answer. That’s where a little faith comes in. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the situation is that has got you down. Something small to others could be big to you but either way it still has us down. Trust that every bad thing comes to end, that every bad thing has its reasons and that every bad thing is very often what prepares us for the good. It’s time to accept the things we can’t change and just power on.

2. Spend time with someone you love

Spending quality time and talking it out with our loved ones makes a huge difference when it comes to our happiness. As we get older, life gets busier or our negative mindset doesn’t let us out of the house some days. The time we once had for our friends and family seem to disappear. We may not notice it at first but soon our coffee dates we had planned become “Sorry I have to work now” or “Sorry I’m just not up to it today” and the text messages and calls go from once a day to maybe once a month. Fitting in time for family and friends is sadly one of the first things to go when our life gets a big hectic. Spending time with our friends and family is one of the few pleasures in life that can cost us very little, but reward us significantly. It helps us melt away the cares of the world and helps us become a better person. Friends and family want nothing but to see us happy so talk it all out with them, it releases a bit of the stress. Believe me.

3. Fake it ’til you make it.

Now I’m not meaning to hide the fact that we have been feeling under the weather because as I stated above that it’s important to talk it out with someone; I’m just meaning to smile until it’s real, laugh until you feel it, and walk on until you heal. I used to play a game with my little sister when we were younger and to this day it still cracks us up. Whenever she was crying, I used to do a ridiculous laugh then stop for a second, another ridiculous laugh then stop again once more. I would continue this until we are both in hysterics. It works every time! I swear by it. That’s all I mean by fake it ‘til you make it, because I promise you, happiness is addictive.

4. Let it go

Do you ever feel like you’re holding onto the history of a past relationship, or your need to be perfect, or something someone said a week ago that you just can’t get your head wrapped around. If you get easily annoyed by the little things that shouldn’t really matter, then just let it go. It’s easier said than done I know, but once you do there comes peace with it all and it’s well worth it in the end. Sometimes there are things in our lives that aren’t meant to stay. Sometimes the changes we don’t want are the changes we need, to flourish and grow. All it takes is time to realise that the best decision we ever did was to just letting go.

5. Do things that make you feel good

Go out, get your hair done, your nails done and even get a tan. Once you feel a little better on the outside I guarantee you’ll be feel a little better on the inside. Take up a new hobby (like for instance creating a blog like I have done) or an old hobby you used to do, such as playing a certain sport or reading a good old-fashioned book. If we take a little time out of our day to do things for ourselves that make us feel happy then that’s the first way to getting back on track. Some stupid guy for some reason may have dumped you and he took all of you with him. You couldn’t ever imagine yourself without him. Then take a good look at yourself, because you don’t see the moon shine brighter because there is another moon beside it. The moon is up there in the sky shining bright by itself. That’s what you have to learn to do, to get back to being you without relying on someone else. So work on yourself, work on what makes you genuinely happy because like they say no one else is better at being you, then you.



6. Get up and move

Sure, you all knew at some point this was going to pop up because everyone knows exercise is good for you. There are just so many benefits of getting your bum up from a chair and exercising. It fights against insomnia; it releases a happy chemical called endorphins into your brain, eases anxiety, energizes you and most importantly boosts your confidence. Don’t like the gym? No problem, go wakeboarding, go swimming or even try yoga. There is so many other ways to move without it feeling like a chore.

7. Read affirmations

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

Positive affirmations are short, specific statements that alter your subconscious mind and help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. They help you visualize, and believe in that you are capable of achieving anything. Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, you will see your life start to change.

For example, let’s say that I want to become great at photography but I don’t think I am capable of it. First thing to do is change my belief that I unable to take great photography and begin telling myself “I am a fast learner and I am able to take great photos”.

By verbalizing this phrase, consciously thinking about and repeating it to myself regularly I will start to take steps towards bettering myself and eventually start to believe it’s true. Ultimately, I BECOME a fast learner and able to take great photos.

8. Play an upbeat song

Whenever you are feeling down and blue, music can get you out of the dumps – literally. Music is such a powerful thing that I can’t imagine a life without it. Songs with positive message such as “I will Survive” by Destiny’s Child or “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson are filled with inspirational meanings that can truly uplift your mood. I’m sure everyone has a few of their all time favourite songs and you can’t help but sing along.

9. Have a nice long hot shower

My life consists of terrible nightmares and I am always searching for ways to release these nightmares from my head. It wasn’t until my mother suggested the shower cleansing ritual that my constant nightmares began to decrease and decrease. There are no special tools required, only an open mind and heart. All you have to do is visualize the water washing away all your problems, the bad and negative energies as well as all potential and existing diseases, illnesses and health problems. Then after all the negative energy rushes down the drain, you have to imagine a beam shine through you that grounds you again. This process will cleanse and heal you physically, mentally and emotionally.

10. Eat a snickers!

Because you’re not you when you’re hungry right? Chocolate definitely is a popular comfort food but it also releases endorphins in the brain, which in turn makes you feel happier. So go ahead, dig into that snickers!



Remember that it’s okay to be in a negative headspace some days. It’s normal. If we didn’t let ourselves have a few negative thoughts then we would have no idea what its like to be in a positive headspace and how good that feels. Don’t let those negative thoughts consume your life though; do something about it to change them. Let me know if some of these ten points have helped you too. Is there anything else that you would add to the list?

Photo credit by Brittany Geisler


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